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Citroen traction avant wedding car
The Citroen Traction Avant was the first massed produced front wheel drive car with the gearbox situated in front of the engine behind the radiator grill, and were produced between 1934 and 1956.

This model is a BIG 15 built in June 1953 in the Slough factory where only 1000 were produced, hence the right hand drive, although many were produced in France and sold as 11 Normale.

The car is upholstered in cream leather and wool carpets with a full wood trim and Brooklands steering wheel. The car has been fully restored back to its original glory.
Seating capacity is three in the back (comfortably with a foot rest) and three in the front (with a squeeze!).

back seat of citroen traction avant wedding car

This classic French Citroen car has been immortalised by France’s elite; dignatories on state occasions, French resistance and even some famous gangsters! These cars were used as limousines by the French “bourgeoisie”.

With a classic French Citroen car the romance and allure of Paris will make your wedding day an occasion you will always remember.

rear view of citroen avant wedding car